40 minute lesson.....................$45

55 minute lesson......................$60

30 minute lessons available for beginners only at $30

Levels & Instruments

  • Viola: beginning through high school

  • Violin: beginning through middle school

Accepted Payments

  • PayPal

  • Venmo

  • Zelle

  • Checks made payable to Ellen Townley

    • $25 returned check fee

  • Cash

Books and Materials

All books required for lessons will be available from the studio or you can purchase them at Dallas Strings. Miss Townley will communicate what specific books your student will need for their lessons.

Lesson Structure & Philosophy

My philosophy of teaching is to build strong right and left hand fundamental skills so that students can develop their technique and develop the skills to be an overall good musician. As a lover of music myself, I hope to pass this along to my students so they can become life long lovers of music, no matter the profession they choose.

All lessons at all levels will work on the following materials.

  • Scales

  • Etudes: this can include All State/Region Etudes

  • Solo

  • Orchestra music

    • School or youth orchestra music can be worked on in your lesson, but will only be given 10 minutes toward the end of the lesson at the request of the student.

Cancellation Policy

  • Please give 24 hours notice of cancelled lessons. I will also do the same to let you know if I am unavailable. There is no charge for lessons cancelled 24 hours in advance.

  • Lessons missed without 24 hour notice will be charged for the lesson.

  • I will do my best to reschedule missed lessons, but depending on schedule, this may not be possible.

Participation Expectations for Students

  • Be prepared for lessons by practicing at home between lessons and bring all necessary materials to all lessons.

  • Log into My Music First account to see lesson notes and complete the weekly practice log.

  • Keep fingernails trimmed; they should not extend past the end of the finger.

  • Turn off cell phones during lessons.

  • Ask questions and always try your best!

Participation Expectations for Teacher

  • Be prepared for lessons by keeping notes from each lesson in My Music Staff student account.

  • Turn off cell phone during lessons.

  • Start lessons on time and teach for the entire allotted amount of the lesson time.

  • Plan material appropriate for the level of the student.

  • Communicate with parents and students about private lesson studio policies, cancellations, and payments.

Participation Expectations for Parents

  • Parents are always welcome to attend lessons, especially the first lesson. Parents of younger students are encouraged to attend the lessons

  • Provide a quiet space for home practice that includes a music stand, tuner metronome, mirror, and good lighting. Standing for practice is suggested to encourage the best posture.

  • Encourage your student to schedule daily practice time. It does not need to be at one time and can be broken up during the day.

  • Monitor and support younger students to make sure they are practicing at home.